About us

First of its type in the Western Balkans, Kalcess.net is an interactive network that connects academic institutions, students, and businesses. This platform's primary objective is to connect and interact on a variety of projects, jobs, and expressions, in addition to fostering connection, networking, and cooperative efforts.


The development of the platform known as Kalcess.net was enabled with funding from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, specifically from the Sucess and Kalcea projects. It is the product of the collaborative efforts of members of the academic community and partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Germany, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Austria, and Poland, among other countries.

The Success-Partnership for Entrepreneurship project has as its goals the improvement of practice programs, the development of student competences, the development of startup support, the development of entrepreneurship courses, and the improvement of study programs.


Kalcea is a project that deals with research, education, and innovation; the development of professional courses; a low-carbon economy; the upgrading of laboratories; and genuine challenges facing society and the community. Its activities strengthen cooperation between the university and the economy.

The following are some of the issues that we came across, which inspired us to try to find a solution by developing the platform known as Kalcess.net:

  • The requirements of the labor market are not being adequately met by higher education.
  • The region's universities, colleges, and industries do not have sufficient linkages with one another.
  • Inadequate levels of efficiency and openness on the demand for people
  • It is impossible to get employment if a person does not have any previous experience.

Through a database of educated and bright young people, the potential of realizing projects and research in the desired industry, and the opportunity to communicate with one another and develop partnerships, the Kalcess.net platform enables businesses to access the target region. Because of this platform, academic institutions will have an easier and more expedient time working with the business world, and students will have a simpler and more expedient time getting jobs.

Opportunities start here.